The following information and guidelines are provided to ensure guests at Our Retreat have an enjoyable stay. We have attempted to balance the differing needs of the large range of people who stay in the Retreat with our needs to preserve the park as an enjoyable place to stay and as a viable operation.

There is no television reception in Tarra Valley so Televisions are DVD players only (DVDs can be hired from the office).

We try to provide a pleasant, well-maintained Retreat. Some camping sites will vary a little in size and some may slope a little. This is in keeping with our desire to provide a natural-style park.

Powered sites are available with a standard 3 pin, 15amp outlet. Since this is an older park, earth leakage is not provided. It is in the interest of the site occupier to provide their own earth leakage system.

All sites are leased daily and are limited to the area nominated by the Retreat Manager.

Dogs: There are specific guidelines for guests who would bring their dogs to our Retreat. We ask that you indicate if bringing your furry friend and our dog guidelines will be emailed to our guests at the reservation stage. Dogs are only permitted with site bookings, by prior arrangement only. Dogs are not permitted in the BBQ Sheds,Cabins, Playground, or near the Toilet Block. Dogs are NOT permitted with Cabin bookings. All doggy doo must be collected and placed in a plastic bag and put in the rubbish bins. Dogs are NOT allowed in the National Park.

Dogs must be on a lead at all times, and not left unattended. Dog owners are responsible, and will be held to be so, for any injuries and/or property damage or losses in relation to any actions by or because of their dog.

By paying the site fees dog owners agree to abide by all rules relating to dogs in the park. Tarra Valley Retreat staff reserve the right to evict any guest without refund or prior warning for ignoring any rule, or whose dog is deemed noisy, disruptive, aggressive or the subject to complaints from other guests. It is solely the dog owners responsibility to control and manage their dog.

You are most welcome to have a fire in one of the BBQ sheds. Fire Wood is available for $20.00 a bag.

Telephone: A public phone box is located outside the office. Emergency Services numbers are located in the phone box. Mobile service can be accessed within just a short drive.

Children 10 and Under MUST be supervised at all times in the toilets and showers.

Children are welcome to bring their bikes on their holiday but there are certain rules that must be followed. Bike helmets must be always worn whilst riding a bike. Riding bikes in a sensible manner. Riding only on the designated roads in the park. We ask that children do not ride through other guests sites. No skidding. Watching out for traffic when approaching Tarra Valley Road from the Retreat.

Garbage: Please help us to comply with our eco friendly star rating by placing all recyclables in the appropriate bins provided. Please wrap all other garbage and place in the appropriate bins. Take home your broken chairs, mattresses etc, or a fee will be charged to your account for rubbish tip fees!! Please do not place bottles or rubbish within your camp fire.

Noise: The peaceful enjoyment of our park and its facilities by all guests is important to us. Please assist by being considerate to your neighbours and restrict noise after 10.00pm and before 7.00am Music is to be contained within your site then all music must be turned off by 10.00 pm

BBQ Shed: The BBQ sheds are there for all to enjoy and everyone is welcome. It is a great way of meeting people and discussing travel news. When the Retreat is busy, please be patient and share the amenities. Please leave BBQ shed as you found it. Gas for BBQs must be turned off at gas bottle. Please return dishes back to the correct cabin they were taken from.

Emergencies/ Emergency Evacuation
There are fire/emergency plans that show the assembly point (the office) and Emergency Procedures in each cabin and at different public points around the Retreat. Please familiarise with these procedures. At the reservation stage, please advise our reservationists the number of persons who will be with you staying at our Retreat. There is a night buzzer at reception for emergencies, only.

Park Management reserves the right to direct any park patron (including visitors), to leave the park if that person refuses to comply with the park rules, causes a nuisance, or interferes with the use and enjoyment of the park, to others.